Anyone went full Eevee and never went back?

After a while of using Eevee, I think I just about the the hang of it, not super good or anything, but I think I can “manage” it.

Its real time nature though…it suddenly makes everything else seems so…quint…

The SSS is good enough man…even the refraction, unless you are commander Data where you can spot that the refraction index isn’t true to life…

I wonder if anyone of you went Full Eevee and never return back to Cycles/Arnold/Octane/Corona ?

Eevee is wonderful. Really really dig it.

I think it’s project based and style based. You can do some amazing stuff with Eevee, but only Cycles (and other raytrace renderers) have true radiosity (global illumination), and therefore can achieve a ‘look’ or photoreal renders that which Eevee can’t achieve.

But in terms of stylized art, previz, or game art, it’s fantastic!


EEVEE is slower than Cycles at times… especially when you use glass shader and such…
In the live viewport it is very fast, but the same scene when you hit “render” it takes LONGER than cycles on an “okay” sample setting… wtf? EEVEE was even faster at rendering in 2.81 compared to now 2.82 …

I wanna use Blender 2.8 since it was declared stable… but it is so BETA… man!

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Agree, I think Eevee will pretty much dominate all motion graphic rendering needs.
It is really crazy to think that our “real time” renderer now far exceed what would take days to render back then.

And the REALLY CRAZY AMAZING THING is it is not just because of increase in processing power, but the new algorithims and tricks that Eevee deploy that wasn’t known back then and is to be slowly invented by game programmers since.

Remember this ?

It took them FOREVER to render !
Now just using Eevee…REAL TIME…looks 10,000 times better !

Man…I am SOOOOO appreciative of Blender…I LOVE YOU BLENDER !!!

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You must have an nVidia card.

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EEVEE is great!
The main thing missing is native motion blur, the MB hacks are very time consuming, not to set up, but what it adds to render times.

But yes, I’am. I’ve decided to render my film project completely with EEVEE.

Cycles isn’t nowhere near as close in render times to EEVEE, at least for me.
I have a pretty large scene (11GB) for animation with several glass shaders; and at 2K Cycles takes 4.5 hours to render one frame at 1000 samples (still pretty noisy). EEVEE on the other hand will render the same frame in 38sec. Both images look very similar minus the noise in the Cycles render.

Even if there are some great tricks and insainly power cards that can get that down under an hour it still doesn’t compete with 38 seconds.


Would you mind keeping me updated with your movie ?
And also I distinctively remembers there is a motion blur checkboxe in EEVEE now so…

could be that im just bad with nodes but getting the toony look im after is kinda hard 2.8 onwards.
also my hardware strongly disagrees with newer builds. a rig update is way overdue but im pretty much broke so yeah. not gonna happen.

but someday ill figure out how to reproduce my materials in eevee. and when that happens im likely not going back.

EEVEE is pretty slow with shaders that use multiple procedural textures. Cycles is often faster than EEVEE with these kinds of shaders.

Well I am not sure why procedure textures is slow in Eevee for you, but may I suggest just bake them out then.
There exist on the internet a 1.3min straight to the point video on how to bake texture in Blender.

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I believe there was this awesome guy that releases a toon shader in Blender that is just amazing, hold on, let me find it for you.

It is going to take a while to find because of all that I have tried there is a lot of crap out there but this is the actual legit REALLY GOOD one…

Found it !

You are welcome.

The halftone shader is SICK !

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…yeah… one of the minority here

Of course you can bake them in some cases. It often makes sense to bake procedurals even if you are rendering in Cycles.

In other cases one of the main reasons to use procedurals might be because you want to avoid unwrapping because the given geometry makes it impossible or at least very time consuming. But in order to bake you have to unwrap.

In even other cases you might use animated procedurals ( stuff like lava for example ) which makes baking unreasonable.

Well, I hope that issues of yours is address soon.

If you’re curious here are two stills. The lighting is a little different, brighter, in the Cycles render. It was taking too long in the viewport for me to balance the lighting and volumetrics to match the EEVEE render, so I just got it close enough.

The contrast on some of the textures are different too, but once again I wasn’t wanting to take the time for this quick comparison.

First one is EEVEE 96 samples 2K (38 seconds render) added some grain because the EEVEE render looked way too clean.
Second is Cycles 1000 samples 2K (3.5 hours render) Blender only used CPU for cycles being too large of a file for my 8GB card

Hopefully more people start making some noise for motion blur to be added to EEVEE!

EEVEE 2K 96 samples 38 seconds

Cycles 2K 1000 samples 3.5 hours

In theory, Eevee would be great for animations, since you can basically have one PC as a whole renderfarm. For stills, you can usually to afford to spend time baking one image in Cycles for a while, but for animations, even dozen of minutes per frame can be a dealbreaker if you want to make short movie of a reasonable duration.

Now in practice, Eevee unfortunately still fails as a replacement for Cycles when it comes to animations simply because it does not have object motion blur. Anything animated without motion blur is simply no go in the last decade or so.

Even more unfortunately, this “known limitation” is being postponed for 2 years now :confused:

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On top of that animation with Eevee still has flickering issues related to reflections.

Only if you leave the specularity too high.

Not true, on my cases specularity didn’t even go above 0.6