Anyone willing to help(rig cow)?

Anyone intrested to make proper rig for this cow:

I was thinking to contribute it to gentoo and elysiun community, but for now rig is crappy (no ik’s). I’m not much of a rigger so i’m looking someone to rig it properly and maybe write little helpfile for newbies so they can make nice poses(or eaven anims) with it.

Cow was made back in 2002 so mesh needs little cleaning too.

Anyone intrested?

Ps: Beta release of ProPilkki2is near

I am by no means an expert at rigging, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try.

Hi poju. Really like the Cow. I’ve heard of Gentoo and it’s on my list of Linux distribs to try when I do a 2nd machine.

Back on topic.

I’m fairly new to blender (about a month or so), but I’d like to have a go at rigging something just for practice.

Be nice if you posted a .blend file with just the static cow. That way we wouldn’t need to delete prior armatures and vertex groups etc…

But 'tis all up to you.

I’m not bothered one way or the udder… %|

Hi folks.

Sorry this took little time, but here is cow:

Just post link to your rigs or emai em to mee and ill make poll to find out wich rig is most suitable for newbies.