Anyone with some knowledge with overcloaking a 2600k on p8p67?

Hi guy’s,

Since i recently upgrade my video card to an rtx 2060 i am trying to extend a little bit the life of my system before major upgrade.

I bought that cpu years ago exactly for that purpose so i went and read the enormous and confusing info on overcloaking and guides and i managed to get a stable overclock at 4000 GHZ with stock voltage then i crank it to 4.2 since they mention everywhere that stock voltage should be able to do 4.2.

So last night i put my computer to sleep and when waking the computer this morning i heard 2 loud beeping sound from the motherboard and was not able to boot at all, after trying a few time i finally got access to the boot screen and put it back to 4000.

I don’t want to go for a massive overclock and i would be happy to just get to 4.5 but even after reading about offset voltage i still don’t understand how to do it. I know i have my bios set to use offset voltage and i have a + and a - sign but i am not sure how to proceed and i want to be able to reset the setting to default in case something go wrong.

Any help from people who have prior experience would be greatly appreciated.

Find CMOS jumper on your motherboard and short it when system is off, or just remove the battery for a few minutes - it will reset the bios to defaults.

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Thank for the tip!