Anyone with ubuntu hardy + latest fglrx driver?

I finally managed to switch my ubuntu to hardy, installed the latest ati fglrx driver (catalyst 8.5 / fglrx 8.49), and the 3d performance, especially in blender, has fallen dramatically (on gusty I was still using fglrx 8.40). 3D-accelerated blender is now slower than software-rendered blender (especially texts and selections)…

Just by curiosity, is anyone else using fglrx drivers on ubuntu hardy? How does it behave, especially blender?


I do, and it runs pretty well (good performance that is). With Blender however, there are some interface glitches, but this is due to Compiz Fusion. :smiley:

indeed, yorik did you turn all the desktop effect off?

Yeah, everything like compiz & aiglx is completely switched off… Well, if it runs fine for you guys then the problem is not inside the driver but on my particular config… I’ll investigate more. Thanks for the replies!

Same here, I have the latest hardy and glx drivers, and blender’s rather unresponsive at times. I run hardy on a compal92 laptop, with 4 gigs memory and a 512 mb 8600M GT geforce card. When I try to transform (grab/scale/rotate) or use gestures in particular, it lags a LOT. And mouseclicks aren’t always registered, or way to late. I was about to post a new topic, but seeing as there already is one…

I have compiz and all that eyecandy turned off as well.

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