Anyone working on camera/pictures to 3d mesh?

Sorta like 123dCatch iOS app from Autodesk or other programs.

If not, any suggestions on cheap or free programs that do this?

It would be cool if it was implemented in Blender.

Not free but interesting none the less. The guys reviewing it are Blender users:

I am working on a geometry from multiple views approach like photomodeller. It is already possible inside the tracker of blender. Just needs some better user interface.
If you need pictures -> pointcloud check out the ator blog. That team is seriously awesome at that stuff:

Or if you need a comm. app then check out autodesk recap project.
(although I feel its kind of blasphemy to post that on a forum about open source tool… Sorry -> goes to wash his hands…)

I did not see in first thread where the soft is to do that 2D to 3D

is there an app for the Ipad mini may be ?

would be nice to see this in blender using like 2 or 3 photos at different angle

may be using the Blam script modified to do that

happy bl

Open Source there is PPT (Python Photogrammetry Toolbox), VisualSFM, OpenMVG/Bundler + PMVS.

I did work on implementing OpenMVG+PMVS in Blender - i stopped it for the simple reason that Blender cannot display Point Cloud Colors - makes it almost impossible to clean up this Point Cloud before Meshing them.

And a little tip: Don’t use A*desk 123D Catch - Autodisk will own the rights to your Models!

If you can Pay 180.- - you might have a look @ PhotoScan.

It might be possible that we get this in Blender though - Blender Camera Tracker does more or less the same things Photogrammetry Software does. Find Points in Images - Compare them to other Points from images - Find Camera Position.


Forget 123, Photoscan & so on. Non free or specific camera needed eg for photoscan if you really want to get something interresting. Bashi is right use PPT or OpenMVG. But you also shoud use M. Jancosek’s CMPMVS_0_6_0 work. Here what i’ve manage to do with it :

All needed stuff is in the video details.

Final scale loss is less than 1 cm.



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