Anyone written a script / addon for Material or Texture starting points?

I’m not sure if anyone has done this yet, and I assume that it would be possible to script (since I don’t know how :frowning: )

It would be ideal if we could add material presets for complex material nodes or even simple ones that could be used as a starting point without the need to link or append .blend files. For example almost every material I create has some kind of Diffuse and Glossy component to it, I’m guessing I’m not alone, it seems like a loss of time to setup this up everytime (I know I could save the material and append). Having an addon or preset that already made this basic node would speed up workflow, and when you consider more complicated shaders like metal or glass it would be even more useful. Once the preset was selected, the user could mix to taste (or swap out textures).

If anyone is willing or capable of this I’m quite certain you’d be a rockstar :slight_smile:

See this thread on saving custom node setups:

you can always save user preferences with some pre made cycles materials

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thanks for the replies, I’ll likely take some of your suggestions.

However as I mentioned, it would be way more desirable to have something similar to Yafaray, Lux etc that shows up as you choose a shader (glossy, glossy with coating, metal…). I was under the impression that with this being done in Python it would be similar to including another item in the add menu (node material view). I’ve been wishing for this type of functionality for years. I believe this would be a great help in getting people up to speed in Blender, no better way to learn than seeing how others have done it first. Something like this should really be included in Trunk :slight_smile:

This could be done once, then everyone would benefit… anyway thanks again:)

well there is an addon for cycles mat
did you see it

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sorry which one are you referring to?

thanks for the link enilnacs, I’m aware of this shader… I hope it makes it into trunk as well.

Personally I don’t think this solves the problem though, even if you can use it to make all types of materials. It still takes setting up all the values and balancing them to get what you want. If I use something like Yafaray, I can simply choose from several main starting points like this:

… and from that you refine. WAAAAAAYYY FASTER!!

I’m not sure why something like this hasn’t / couldn’t be done simply. I don’t know how to write scripts but it looks like I’ve really got to learn. Wouldn’t it be the equivalent of a macro that could create and connect the nodes together in a pre-defined configuration in combination with a simple UI drop box. All we would need are maybe 5 basic types: shiny diffuse, glossy, coated glossy, glass, metal.

Well looks like I shouldn’t be holding my breath. It’s just that with all this talk lately about how we could improve Blender, this seems like an obvious usability enhancement. Not everyone is going to know where or how to download node groups and materials until they’re already comfortable with Blender… if they haven’t already given up.

thanks RickyBlender,

Unfortunately it looks as though the first Online Material database addon is broken with 2.68.

As for the 2nd, they seem fine but I’ve started downloading some blends on blendswap by elbrujodelatribu, some of the best I’ve seen. take a look:

yes i know
elbrujodelatribu has doe mnay nice material
also look at his thread there are a few others added by other peoples too!

for addon not working ask question in pythnon forum soneone may have a working one

for the oen from Meta it is a file contianing like 100 differetn materials

let us know what happen

happy cycles

i began working on a small script for some std mat in cycles
but never really completed it !LOL

ounce you learn how to add nodes it is almost as fast !

and problem is that for each nodes set up it takes a lot of lines to code each mat
so you end up with a big script with 1000’s of lines

and if you include group nodes i mean it became like a nightmare!

and then you have to maintain it


Too bad you gave up on it :frowning:

My thought was just to have these only as a starting point, so just the ability to pre-connect those basic materials using a drop down menu in the materials, or close by.

After that you’re into the nodes, at least the initial connects are in the right slots… then you tweak. This could work for even the newest users. No maintaining of the script to add new nodes/materials, only if there are API changes… that’s it!

I hope I don’t have to beg you to pick this up again… ha ha :slight_smile:

if you think there wont be any more api changes you are dreaming
last spring there was major changes for nodes in cycles!
and it might come again don’t get you hopes to high on that !

are you planning to make a script?


I suppose what I was trying to say was that of course there will be API changes, but if there are only a very limited number of starter materials this work would be limited to a great extent, versus creating a large library.

As for scripting this myself, I’m embarrassed to say that I couldn’t code my way out of a wet paper bag:) I really have to get on that one year!

IMHO i always end up adding, mixing, etc… so IMHO its easier to start with all parameters in the Ubershader than to add/mix later.
Also don’t forget that as long as a value in the Ubershader is zero, it WON’T be calculated!

Even if you need some custom, basic materials to start from, don’t forget that also the Ubershader is actually a node group.

So, setting the custom basic materials that you need as shader groups takes maybe 10 minutes, then save them in the startup scene Ctrl+U and voala, you have them in the material group presets to choose from.

If you really need a huge material repository you can go to:

I don’t know how many native GPU cycles shaders there are, but there are many, many shaders to choose from.