Anything done in edit adding to blender ram allocation

Hi guys
Everytime I do anything in edit (even select a single vert it adds 50 mb to blenders memory allocation until it reaches 900 mb then this odd behavior stops.
Is this normal?
Anyway to have blender not behave like this?
Why does it not do the same when in object mode?(thankfully)
What, if any, is the reason behind this practice ?

I’d assume that this is the UNDO system taking protocol of your actions until the maximum amount of undo steps is reached.

That seems unlikely all i do is select a vertice making no changes and it adds but in scu;pt mode i can make hundreds of changes and the ram usage shows no change.I alsio just noticed that the 50 meg add is only on a certain file i have with a lot of shape keys on a simple file it adds 1 mb instead.

Working with 2,77a just redownloaded in case my old version was corrupt but it does the same:(

Select a few vertices in Edit mode. Not select some others and hit Ctrl-Z: See what happens?
Your selection gets undone, as selections are also part of the undo process.

Having said that, the undo system in Blender is severely outdated and flawed, which may explain inconsistencies with “newer” funtionality like the sculpting tools. Turn off UNDO or set the number of UNDO steps to 0 and see if the memory issue persists.

BTW, what exactly does this have to do with “Lighting and Rendering”?

Oh nice thx man you were right that was the cause still strange that sculpt does not add the same you can undo sculpt same as edits yet no ram seems required for it.I had undo at 32 with no memory limit.

Not normal, it seems to me a memory leak, try appending the model in a blank file or put that mesh into another object, try to look into the console if there is some cycle into the dependency

Ok I’ve seen now that it’s solved, pardon for the double post