Anything major going on?

Hey guys, It’s been a while since I’ve been back at the forums. I’ve been sooo busy working non-stop!!! Well I was wondering if there was anything going on that has been major events. I’ve looked through the post and I’ve seen a lot of new faces and a lot of great projects. The front page bugged me at first too; no more navigating to the forums, just jump right to it. Well don’t you all rush to say hi at once. I’m just curious about major changes, influences, progressions, and the most important: The game production.

it has comed alot of new members here yes…
Nice to see you again man … :slight_smile:

Hello, and welcome back :slight_smile:

The Bikers World project is going fairly well, we have a couple tests done, hopefully we’ll be working with the torque game engine soon.

I made a weird type game a while back, im not sure if you saw it, I posted it on halloween

btw Nor.J nice avator :stuck_out_tongue: I paused the movie at the excact spot :slight_smile:

Welcome back Yeshua :slight_smile:

Our team should have a milestone demo of Transcendent out in around 3 weeks. We’re just adding some finishing touches to it now before entering a thorough testing phase. Depending whether or not any major issues are found, it should be released around a week before christmas.

Drop by the BHP forums and say hi to the crew :wink: We’ve a couple of new faces as well.