Anything the foundation wants?

If this isn’t the best spot for this post. Please feel free to move it. Just went for the forum that gets the most traffic generally.

I remember during Elephant’s Dream they made a request or rather a comment about wanting a special coffee machine. And it was supplied to them. I thought that was a rather nice thing to do.

With the level of stress that I’m sure they are all experiencing with time rushing by and features/bugs needing coding I thought it would be nice for the community to perhaps give them something they want. Rather than something they need.

Any thoughts from the crew? Want some flannel socks? Brownie mix? Video game? Basket of fruit? Or would you prefer just to receive a mass of donations to help finance more code work, animators, modelers, etc?

Didn’t they need some projector for Siggraph, I’m not sure if they managed to secure the funds for that yet… Perhaps we could all put enough money together to actually buy the foundation a very good high-end HD projector?

That would be a very nice option.

If so, this full HD Epson projector has the 3 LCD’s and an brightness ratio above 30k, for less than 1500.

I did see a note about needing a projector on, but I went looking for that post, and can’t find it… Perhaps it’s been removed as the request has been filled? I did read this:

4) Durian, Siggraph, etc

  • Siggraph: there are 2 BoFs, but no tradeshow info yet, all funds are being swallowed by sintel atm, and additional sponsorship hasn’t materialized yet. Even a small siggraphbooth costs 15k USD + flight, hotels, etc.

Here -

So is the blender foundation even going to be at siggraph this year?

As for the sintel crew, I haven’t seen anything they’ve asked for… I’ve a feeling the one thing they want most is more time.


Actually that’s a nice & funny community story: some italian guys complained about area lamps falloff that didn’t work well, and asked Ton to investigate and fix, Ton reply was something like “…so you’ll get us an Italian Espresso machine?”. And that was it, the feature for the community and italian coffee for the Institute!

Btw, it was during BBB and not ED, and the idea of a coffee machine was from Andy and not Ton.

I suppose if it’s the coffee machine they want, then by all means they will need sundry supplies like cups to drink, and . . . . premium coffee etc. Things to keep on board in regards.

You know, that’s a good idea, kbot… They already have a nice espresso machine, so is anyone interested in giving the team coffee cups? can custom print large coffee cups with any picture you want. I’d think it would be about $30 usd per cup by the time you figure in shipping to the blender institute…

From what I remember, they only do 11 oz size cups in ceramic. Coffee cups with Sintel’s face on them. Anyone else interested???

How many people are there at the blender institute right now?? Why not give them all custom coffee cups with Sintel’s face on it… It would be a unique gift…

Anyone else interested??

@PapaSmurf: that projector is not nearly what they had needed. The brightness, at only 1800 lumens would be great in a small conference room, classroom, or your home. They had needed a projector for a larger venue and would be needing something with at least 5000 lumens, probably higher.

Was it a for homesick Canadians?

The coffee machine died. Now Ton and the others use a filter machine, I use a stovetop espresso and Pablo drinks mate.