Anyway to downgrade Blender?

I have a 15 year old computer, and want blender to run faster on it :slight_smile:

Any methods known?

If not, just shout at me. Without any swear words. Come up with something unique, like “That’s too bad your computer is too slow, it’s almost as slow as you”.


I think you need to drop your dinosaur from the top of a tall building. Really the only use of a computer that old is to throw at bogans. You seriously need to update, but then when you think about it to update you need something to update in the frst place and your crappy old computer isn’t worth mentioning full stop, so you need a computer before you can use Blender.

Ok more info please. Yea there are different ideas. Like will it be windows or linux? Also exactly what hardware do you have.


I second that. :spin:
bit hard to throw that off a building.
Seriously, Go find work, save every cent you can,
even if it takes you a year, (like it took me)
get a computer no more than 5 years old.
pentium 3, preferrably 4 with 512meg of ram & graphics card will do.

Shoot it through the veins…:confused:

The only way you could get blender to run faster on it is if blender had a body and the computer were roids. 15 years old!? I should throw a brick at you even for teh thought of it. :ba:

Common specs for a system made in 1992 was a 16mhz 386DX with 4mb of ram and 120mb of hard disk space. They ran Windows 3.1 at 640x480 pixels and 16 colors.

It’s garbage. You could probably donate it to some poor elementary school, but other than that throw it out.

If Blender actually runs on it at all, it probably came out 5 years later - in 1997. In 1997, the common system had a 166mhz Pentium II and 32mb of ram. They ran Windows 95 OSR 2 and could run 98 fine when it came out. Their hard disks were usually around 4gb and the resolution was 800x600 or higher. Also in 1997, you could buy an Nvidia Riva 128, which Blender may be compatible with.

my old pentium 1 laptop ran 2.42 the last time i tryed, it came out in '97 and had 166mhz cpu and some unknown 3d card, oh and 64 mb of ram… :smiley:

but… 15 years old, shoot that dinosaur… O_o

Work with objects seperated to single Layers, don’t use Subsurf Modifiers. I don’t know if libraries in Malaysia have public computers, but if they do then take your completed .blends down there to render them.


Ehm… those old beasts can’t even render a scene with one hundred perspective correct polygons with a texture of 32x32 (paletted) in a resolution of 320x200 in realtime (or perhaps my assembly skills just sucked back in the days, that’s also a possibility :ba:).

I’m amazed you can actually run Blender on it. How much hairs did you have to pull out to get the system do that?

I’ve seen pentium 3s with 256 mb of ram sitting on the street…

Ship it to Malaysia.

That 15 year old computer is a full blown obsolete antique, better get a new one, here in the US, you can get a Dell computer with a 2+ Ghz processor and 512 megs of RAM for 300 bucks.

If it truly is 15 years old (and your not just exaggerating), then chances are OpenGL won’t even be supported.


in 3D view, switch to outline or box view (never shaded).

You’ve got the problem the wrong way around IMO. You don’t need to tweak Blender. Instead you need a new computer. You wanted an “original answer” so here’s my solution… and it might just work so listen carefully. Get a list of all major companies in your area. Pick up your phone, and call them one by one. Ask to speak to the head of IT or the purchasing officer and explain that you are looking for a second hand PC. Large companies practically give away their old PCs (meaning 4 to 6 years old) because getting rid of old equipment takes time and costs money. In most countries, and Malaysia is probably no different, you can’t just throw your old PC onto the sidewalk and have the garbage truck come and pick it up… The parts have to be identified and separated so that they can be recycled individually. In some countries, you can now send the PC back to the original manufacturer to have it recycled for free, but that costs time and money too…

If you’re wondering why I’m so positive that you can get a relatively recent PC for nothing (or a very symbolic amount) it’s because I’ve been on the “giving end” of the equation in two of my previous jobs. I’d say that I gave away close to 900 PCs to charities and individuals on behalf of my former employers over an 8 year period…

Good luck!


Well, it’s actually a 14 year old computer, it’s gonna have it’s birthday soon :wink:

Oh, I can load Blender on it yes (surprise), but it’s…laggy. Very laggy.
I think about 5 years back I managed to add in quite a bit of ram, and improved something which I can’t remember. But yeah it’s still pretty crap.

I get the picture :slight_smile:

You can try freecycle and places like that too. See:

You’d be surprised at what people give away for free. Happy hunting.

Dude, I’ve given away computers that are much better than that! I just gave away a P4 1.8 gig…I’m sure you could find a pentium 2 or 3 somewhere for 10 bucks.

Well good luck on finding your solution!