Anyway to edit 2 objects at the same time

Strange I know… but there have been some times I wish I could have done it. Of course to tab into edit mode, you first select the object you want to edit. But is there a way to get 2 different objects into edit mode at the same time?

Sometimes I copy some faces or line of verts and copy them … then seperate them. Sometimes it would be nice to edit both these objects at the same time if I find I need to change the matching topology of both items.

I have a feeling there is not a way, but I just thought I would check anyway.

Join them with ctrl J in object mode, enter edit mode and work with them and then separate them again § before leaving edit mode.

Well usually the only time I would have a need to this procedure is when 2 objects vertices are sharing the same place in 3d space. My concern would be how would I unjoin them .

As an example I modeled the base unit of a hot tub. I duplicated certain faces of the inside of the base, made them seperate objects, so that I could then model a inside “liner” for the hottub. So many of the verts kind of matched up. But then I decided to change the overall shape of the base mesh (which meant the liner shape needed to be changed as well. If I had access to edit mode for both objects at the same time, it would have been much quicker to change the shape. I know it is kind of obscure in terms of how often you would need to do something like that, but I was just wondering if it was possible.

The method explained by DruBan id the only possible AFAIK, anyway it’s fair easy to accomplish and has no drawbacks, it will retain UV maps and material assignments, you only have to clear material slots of empty materials after you separate them again, but it’s not strictly necessary.


As long as you make sure you don’t weld any vertices from one shell/element to another you can use the ‘select linked’ Ctrl-L option to select each separate shell after you’ve made your edits.

OK dbo and druban… than it sounds like it is doable without too much problem. I just didn’t know once you start pulling verts around how you would select the correct ones to unjoin. Thanks sourvinos for also adding the info on materails.

Join is only joining them together as an object. The join command has no effect on vertices - as long as you don’t have automerge checked.
You can also separate by loose parts so you don’t have to select them.

Think of join as putting in an envelope together, but not gluing them together. Marriage, not surgery. No offense intended to surgeons out there. Or to married people.