anyway to make ragdolls style death animations for armatures? (and another question)

The game im working with doesnt have anything like ragdoll support in it, so i wanted to bake my own into a death animation for a player model I am working on.

any way to do this?

also is there a way to implement stuff like knocking somethin back? or the shockwave of force that occurs when someone is running and there foot impacts the ground?

Well, you can easily find a tutorial for make ragdolls on google, but with armatures, you would need each bone to be a whole different object, and assign all the verts to the different corresponding armatures. Tedious, but it may work. I would suggest starting small first (if it doesn’t work, all that work for nothing).

im pretty sure u should ignore wut module said. wait for one of the experts to post here, like blendenzo or OTO.
they can tell u whether u can do it and maybe even how.

If you want to bake an animation I suggest you download the ragdoll examples that are… somewhere on the forum. Those are made out of blocks and constraints, Then animate your character after how it falls.

If you want to make it dynamic you are pretty much on your own. If you succeed you’ll be the coolest guy on the forum. From what I can find there is no way to access the bones of an armature through python. I think you would have to download the ragdoll examples mentioned above, have it invisible. Then animate your armature so every bode rotate along the same axis, and then with a lot of action actuators set the frame of each bone’s animation corresponding to the orientation of the block of the ragdoll…
A bit complicated to say the least… don’t know if it makes sense.

could i get a ragdoll and do a copy location constraint on certain bones? and then just parent bones to the cubes that are being ragdolled?

hrm wonder how that would work with ik though…

im pretty sure you cant do it, but there is that bounce tumble and splash book that shows how to do ragdolls, it uses the boxes of an old “box/constraint” ragdoll as ik targets for the bones, but it doesnt work in the game engine, you have to record to ipo, so you could use that method to make your action wich you could use in your game

could be possible with python though, but i dont know

yes, it works just like mack said… but it is not easy to setup the book is a great reference

I have made a box ragdoll, works fine etc. Easy, tons of tuts. The next question I had concerned making a single mesh, like a character, a rag doll. I got lot’s of no’s as answers, but then I got yes. Someone has figured out how to make a single mesh rag doll. It might involve parenting etc to another set of objects, but apparently it works, somehow… In the GE, don’t know, but I’ll see if I can find it. Most people suggested that I just make my character from separate objects, and pointed to a few games that used that system. But as you say Joseph, most games have to kill the player to activate the rag doll function. Coming back is a problem, as I understand it. As was suggested in this thread, baking to ipo may be an option, but of course it would not take into account anything in the environment - falling down stairs, tripping over a crate etc, plummeting from a mezanine.True rag doll stuff…

Here is that thread:

Great video tutorial, with an elegant solution. Won’t work in the GE though, maybe apricot? The author didn’t say.

This what your looking for?

why does he need the intermediate set of bones in that last vid?

you should be able to do copy rot/loc constraints on any object…