anyway to remove the "clip end"?

hi all, i was never sure what is the benfit of the “clip start” - “clip end” settings in a view … sorry, me not that smart … anyway, i’m working on my architectural models and i imported a .dxf which is 146 feet x 75 feet (so not that big), however the plan is clipped because the “clip end” is set (even at maximum) 1000 … ok, beside SCALING DOWN the dxf, is there a way to do not have this “clip end” into my view, so i can view everything?.. thanks, a

Most of this is guess work and poor memory:
I don’t think it’s possible to remove the clipping. The point of it is to give Blender some limit to the amount of data to process.
I have imported a dxf to blender that was made in AutoCAD. The model was huge (compared to the grid floor) and made me wonder about scale. The best I could find on the subject was that one blender unit was supposed to be whatever you needed it to be, but that it most likely represented 1 meter… and this sounds somewhat reasonable. So, as unnerving as it may be (sometimes things get screwed up when scaled) it’s probably best to scale your model down.

One other thing - clipping seems to behave differently depending on whether you’re in orthographic or perspective mode (NUM5 toggles this in 3D view or F9 buttons for the camera).

The only other choice other than scaling is to work while viewing through a camera … which still has a clipping limit of 5,000.

All 3d packages have some kind of clipping limit / object scale limits.