Anzka Nguyens Kunigunde

Kunigunde based on the incredibly adorable concept by Anzka Nguyen:
Sculpted with ZBrush, textured with Substance Painter, everything else is Blender 2.8. Rendered in Cycles. I did the hair with JoseConsecos amazing HairTool addon (paid).


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I just came back from vacation, what a nice comeback surprize!!! :smiley: Thank you Bart!!!

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I didn’t see this one! I’m curious to know how was the experience to use the hair add-on.
By the way did you try the sculp-mode-features branch?

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I just see the original artwork, pretty close!!! yours looks a little less badass :slight_smile: I think that is because of the corners of the mouth and the eyelashes not having that blue tint at the tip.
Anyhow awesome!

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The HairTools Addon is amazing. Very simple to use once you get the hang of it :slight_smile: There are things you can do with it I don´t know how I would do without it with vanilla Blender.
Haven´t tried the sculpt branch yet, not much time for experimentation these days. I hope it gets merged with master daily builds soon after the 2.80 release. I´ll check it out then. I´m still planning on doing that tutorial video I promised 2 years ago… :wink:

Yeah you´re right about the difference in badassery. To my defense tho: it´s pretty hard to match the greatness of Anzka Nguyen!:star_struck:



I’m waiting for that tutorials! :slight_smile:

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