AO & Angular Maps: a Tutorial

This is my first tutorial, so please, tell me if something has to be changed…

I even don’t know if this is right place to put it in…

Lighting your scene with Angular Maps and AO

Nice :slight_smile:

The images are a bit grainy due to compression…


Got any links to good HDRI images or just those round ones in genral?

Great - I’ve been trying to get good results with this. Your tut should help.

Nice simple tut… byt the way … those angle maps are almost the same as the way HDRI is used… am I right ? It certainly looks like that … is it a way of blender to fake HDRI lighting or somethine ?


cool i have been trying to figure this out, and i finally got it to work. it seems to work really well for camera rotation, but not for a travelling camera.

here’s my little test with an invisible plane for shadow

here’s a less crude one with reflections where I used AO.

So that’s the way all those ufo sightings have been fabricated! :slight_smile:


Can’t get to the pdf? Anyone else have problems?

Can’t get to the pdf? Anyone else have problems?

Yup. No tutorial access here either. :frowning:


that’s strange i had troubles with it too, though it eventually downloaded. if it doesn’t get fixed, i’ll post an equivelant, seeing as this is cool stuff. btw i did a test at high res with multiple moving and stationary objects plus moving camera, and everything remained perfectly intact. totally cool.

sorry guys someone changed my dns…
site will be on within 48 hours…

site on again!
Tut available again…

I have been playing with this alot and am going to do a little write up on cheap and dirty compositing at some point I think. also, here’s a trick I have been using occasionally when at a lack for a suitably huge texture,…just take a texture that is say 1000x1200pixels, and in a paint program, or in blender if you want to be divergeant, put it in the middle of a background of solid color, or whatever, that is 3000x3600, and you will get a nice high resolution image in blender on the default settings.

I have a question…

It seems that this AO and Angular Map combination fakes the HDRI lighting method of Yafray… but what is the differences in the end ?


I could be wrong, but it seems like yafray sometimes catches on to subtle nuances of lighting that blender misses or ignores. It’s hard for me to say though, because i rarely use yafray due to the render time factor, and because with such long rendering time, and such a difference between the lighting values, yafray can take forever to set up properly.