AO Bake Error

Hey all,

tried to bake and object(wich i have done many times before), did the UV unwrap, added an image(Black), turned on Ambient Occlusion, then hit Bake …usualy it will bake to the image but all i get is an error…“no images found to bake to”…there is an image…i dont understand this, anyone with any thoughts???

I’ve had that problem before, but I think just doing it a second time worked. Maybe try re-marrying the coords to the image in the UV editor ( go into edit mode, call up image if it is not already displayed )

yeah, kinda strange modron, restarted Blender and re-married the image to the geometry coords, then it worked…some times it just has a brain fart i guess…

no, it’s a fart somewhere in Blender.