AO baking and faces textured with alpha

Hi all !

I got a mesh with faces containing trasparent parts. Those faces are slightly displaced for other faces that are opaque. This allows me for example to put iron parts over the wood of a chest. The result is perfect except when i want to bake AO.

In fact the transparent parts are ignored and the AO for the wooden part behind the iron part face is rendered as is the face was totally opaque.

I know this question have already been asked, and the answer was:
<< unfortunately, blender only take the mesh info for AO calculations, and not the texture alpha info >>

This mean pretty clearly that what i wanna do is impossible, but this question is dating from 2006 wich is quite old. So i ask it again if by chance blender would allow what i want to do in the latest versions.

So if it became possible with current versions, what are the options involved in this please ?

thanks in advance for all you answers :slight_smile:

happy blending !

Just use a different texture or material for the alpha areas. Once you bake to a texture the texture image is going to become totally opaque. Alternately you might try repainting the alpha into the texture after baking.

Yes, hand painting is what i finally did :frowning: but it’s quite long to do.

thx for your answer and happy blending !