AO baking problem

hi, im having trouble baking accurate AOs. they all end up having weird light or dark spots on them. like this. random. and i cant think of a reason why this would happen


Your image doesn’t show much, so I’d have to guess you need to check your normals. When baking AO the normals are crucial: you’ll get black faces if their normal points inside the object.

this should show it better. its doesn’t blend. and all my normal are in the correct direction

Post an example .blend file that demonstrates the problem so we don’t have to guess.

when i baked the ao i saw the problem near his feet, neck, arms and hands

You need to work with a better unwrap method, add seams and unwrap into something more like a pelt, or at least use smart unwrap to get all the surfaces involved

For starters you haven’t unwrapped your model. Also with a highly triangulated mesh and no smoothing, anything you bake is going to look blocky.

what kind of smoothing are you talking about? and i had it unwrapped from view. also thanks for the tips craig

I think you mean projected from view. That is not the same as unwrapping, and won’t help you in baking any kind of maps.

Part of the ugly result in the pictures you posted was just the edges of the mesh’s triangles. You’ve made a very dense mesh for the low level of detail in it, and I’m not sure why you’ve made it all out of triangles. You’d be better off modeling with quads and using a subsurf modifier to get a smoothly curved surface. Then mark proper seams and unwrap it, and you should have no problem baking an AO map.

oh that would make sense hah, sorry for my ignorance. thanks for the advice!

No reason to be sorry for not knowing things. You should only be sorry if you never bother to ask.

yeah, that makes sense. thanks for the advice!

Take a look at this amazing series by David Ward: It shouldl help you with modeling, unwrapping, texturing (including baking) and rigging.