AO color?

is there a way to color the AO? I see you can do sky color…but i dont think black AO would help much :wink:

I would prefer it to be gray…

haha i found it out just by looking at buttons…

in the world setings, there is a AmbR, AmbG, AmbB. that affects AO :slight_smile:

Hey thanks. I was wondering how to change the AO color too.

well if you select sky for AO, then it will cast whatever color you have set as the “horizon” which is blue by default. If you’ve changed that to black then yeah it will cast black AO. Change it to grey if you want grey AO. If you want grey (or green or red or whatever) AO but still want your background to be black, then you can change the horizon color to grey, and just disable the “sky” in render layers and render with an alpha (RGBA) and put your image over a black background. This is how I do it anyway.