AO does not bake

Hi all,

I am a bit new on Blender, only one and half month of use only, but I love it, it is very addictive.

I am a bit sorry to do a first post asking for help (I would prefer to post a model for C&C) I found most of the answer I needed in the past with the search tool of this great forum but now I really get stuck although I did this a couple of time on other of my modeling successfully.

I cannot bake my ambient occlusion, the rendering bar is loading but it is all black in the UV editor, like nothing happened, I use Blender 2.53, is it a bug :confused: or did I missed something? maybe I checked something by mistake?
I really cannot find I have tried everything for two hours and start getting a bit crazy :yes:

I attach a .blend for your reference as otherwise it is going to be difficult to understand,

Thanks in advance.


pieuvre.blend (652 KB)

I’m at work at the moment, so I can’t check the blend file, but do you have the model UV mapped? Did you create a blank image for the AO to bake to?

I don’t know why it’s not working with the file you linked, but you can open a new .blend file and append (F1) your object. Then AO baking will work fine; at least it did for me. Cute creature!

Slightly OT: Your problem made me wonder if there could be a ‘diff’ type script that could tell you the differences between two Blender configurations, mainly for debugging like this.

I can confirm that the file he provided did not bake, and shortly after starting it and messing around it crashed blender. no idea why, sense I’m not that good with the technical under the hood blender.

BTW welcome to Alex1811

Hi and thanks for taking time looking at the file, I did append my object and bake without any problems, thanks for this idea CD38 now I will be able to go ahead and finish my project, well in any cases the file might help programmers working on Blender if it is a bug.