AO Dragon...wip?

Heya, I’ve always kept an eye on blender and now with the release of 2.33 I think I’m going to dive in fully. :slight_smile: I’ve been using Cinema 4d (CE+) and I like it and all but the new Ambient Occlusion feature is sweet. :slight_smile: …here’s a test render using it. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum! Oh, the dragon was originally modeled in Silo (speed modeling session) …testing the new .obj import script too. :slight_smile:

I’m going to work on a texture for this in Zbrush soon. I’ll post an update when it’s done.

You’ve got the right forum :).

Cool dragon. Adding a plane for it to stand on would increase its coolness IMO.

How does blender fit in with those other apps? Looks like it works nicely with the exported mesh from silo.



(still playing with the pic…)

You know, Silo and Blender seem to go together pretty well. The new .obj scripts handle my models really well! Still trying to get the texture from Zbrush to Blender…havn’t really messed with texturing outside of Z2 before. The only thing so far that I can’t figure out is the shader editor. The one thing I love about Cinema is how simple it is to create new shaders by playing with the color, image, luminance, transparency, reflection, environment…yada yada. I’m sure once I use Blender more I’ll get the hang of that though.

I think I may get more into this when I get things working more smoothly…got that ATI slowdown goin’ on. I’m about to install the latest drivers (released yesterday) to see if that helps it out. Thanks for the reply!


Is there some sort of Dragon Contest around?


It’s not really a contest, except with yourself…

But, here it is: