AO gets in the way of shine

Hi yalls,
just to save experimental render times, I figured I’d tap into the years of experience here! :wink:
I have two questions:
One, see link:[email protected]/2119037725/
First off, if you have any ideas on how to clean up the effect more, I’m going for a white-wash dreamy effect. Right now it looks a little more distorted than it should. I’m not using a true lightsource, but rather the materials all emmit light and Ambient Occlusion is cranked up.
The problem I know I’m going to run into is I’m going to have these manufacturing arms assembling/welding a bright orange robot. I’d like his color to blaze against this cold appearance of his environment. The problem I get is, first off, AO distorts mirror and gloss materials to being dirty looking. How can I avoid this?
Secondly, when I try to get a nice strong orange, I seem to get a bland indecisive yellow. Yes, yellow can be indecisive. How can I get a nice reflective powerful orange in this scene set-up?
Thanks guys. I’m shooting high on this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

have you ever tried to turn down the energy of the AO? The default energy is 1.00
maybe halving it may do better… just mess w/ that for a while… (i dont know exactly how the scene is really set up so thats just about all i acn help ya w/)

Well what you showed so far looks good. I’m not exactly sure how you want it to be different.
But I’ve experienced what I think is a similar complaint with how AO is applied to surface colors. To keep control over your colors, you might want to render AO as a pass and then combine it into the color image in the compositor.


I’ll mess with energy level again and try the compositor thing.

You can use AO in the composite nodes system? I mean you can influence it there? Activating it and so on?

You can enable AO passes and access it through the compositor, yes.

I’d lose the emit value if i were you, it will make accurate lighting very difficult.

I want to see it once you update it.