AO map Problem (again)

I just can’t get the textures right. How on earth do I get the baked ambient map to multiply on the uv grid texture?



TMP.blend (817 KB)

You could delete/remove the ceiling or give the ceiling its own material and in the Material / Options panel deselect Traceable

1 - Grid texture - Multiply - Color 1.0
2 - AO Texture - Multiply - Color 0.9 - 0.99 - 1.0 (what looks best)

I used Paint.Net and applied Surface Blur and Adjusted the levels so you can see the AO map more clearly, your problem was that it was way to grey and grainy, and that you specular was very flat.

EDIT: Swithc the material to shadeless and you see the AO map even better.

TMP.blend (766 KB)

Got it. Thanks guys!