AO not baking properly

I’ve never baked an AO with blender before - I can’t find what I’m doing wrong.



Is the object mirrored? Or is there more than one in the mesh that is exactly identical in edit mode? Hidden maybe?

There is an object mirrored. How do I properly deal with that?

And on another side problem: I’m getting a strange overlapping effect

Not the application…the texture. I can’t remove the first image I just uploaded. Today is not my day…


go to the mirror modifier and click the “apply” button, be warned, you will not be able to work with the mirror after you do this, as the modifier will create the “mirrored” verts, after you click the apply button, press the W key and click “remove doubles” on the menu that opens up, then try to bake the AO, and see if the problem still remains

I believe that the mirror has already been applied. This did not fix my issue =\

Can you undo the apply and hit the x on the modifier? If not, you can select just one vertex, hit ctrl + L, and delete it. That double image thing, where they flicker like that, is called z-fighting.

I cant seem too locate the modifier. Does it go away after its been applied? If so that’s the case - but I’m still getting the AO issue.

I found the mirror - I don’t know why I couldn’t before so that issue is fixed :slight_smile:

have you tried to hit the W key and click the “remove doubles” option?

Would that ruin the UV?

i don`t know, but sometimes happened to me that i had overlaping faces, by removing double verts, it normally fixes

The overlapping face issue is resolved - I merely had an a mirror modifier that was not yet applied. I don’t know why I didn’t see this. Thanks for your help cam.dudes!

The AO issue is still unsolved…