AO / pointiness maps have unwanted stripes / known issue?

Learning to bake edge wear maps , but I keep getting strange lines connecting in between boolean cuts. Even with additional, but unneeded connecting edge loops in a basic cube it keeps appearing.

Anyone know the-or any solution?


Are your UV’s clean? This looks like a problem that comes from a messy UV.
Are there any of these stretched polygons visible?
Do you use an modifier that changes the topology?

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Hi Romani,

Thanks for your message.
Regarding your q’s:

  • did a standard UV unwrap after Booleans with smart uv project.
  • yes, polygons, but I don’t know about the stretching you refer to.
  • there is a bevel mod. on there… is that it?

I am going to get rid of that, and see if it changes it.

I am sure that is the problem.
You have created a UV-map. The Bevel modifier changes the topology of the mesh afterwards, the new UV is created afterwards with stretched polygons that create these artefacts while baking. All of this is invisible to you because the modifier is still active. You only see the state of the UV without the changes of the modifier. If you apply it and then Unwrap the mesh with smart uv project you shouldn’t get any artefacts when baking.

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Thank you very much!

That was it, and you pointed me in the right domain of the problem. Saves from using a few days more on this.

Much appreciated for your good advise.

No problem.
I am totally lazy and often shy away from helping people with more complex problems (even if could solve them probably).
But I gladly help when I already know the answer. :laughing:

well, clearly you shouldnt shy away at all.

And what is the worst that can happen? That you dont kow the solution?
Then, join the big club of all who have more questions then answers’

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