AO Sample.

Well I was rather surprised when I deleted all lights form my scene and did a test render. The image improved!!!

Is this because of AO being used in conjuntion with Radiosity?

Anywho this is just a simple box, correct lighting (as I wanted it) and all seems right but for one thing…the logo on the front face of the box there is missing??

Its a UV Mapped texture…is there anything special I need to set here?

AO should always be used in conjunction with other lights, IMO. Just adds so much more to the image.

As for your UV mapping issue, there are 2 ways to fix this:

  1. Add a new Image Texture to your material and then load the image you used for your UV map. Then select the mapping type to UV instead of ORCO.


  1. Turn on TEXFACE button in the Material settings.

Either one of these should work.


Hrmmmm ok. Thanks BgDM

Unfortunetly I cant seem to get it to work.
Ive tried everything.
Ive reapplied the texture.
Ive checked the normals.
Ive turned on/turned off Double Sided
Same with TexFace
Ive subdivided that face and recalculated the UVmap.
ive added lights and removed lights.

What am I missing?

Sounds weird to me.

Can you post the blend file so we can take a look? Make sure you PACK the file so your UV texture is also included.


Hiya. nevermind. I got it. The logo is showin up now faintly.
My fault. I hit reload and it showed up.

Here is the nearly complete image. The rest is just compositing.

Ill add back in some lights and see they help, but I really like this present incarnation so I may keep it as is.