AO wont bake

Hi everybody

I have a chair model that I intend on using in my upcoming game, and the model is at the stage where I’m ready to texture it.

The thing is tho, the AO for it wont bake for some reason (but everything else will ie: normal, full rendering).

Usually when I bake AO, the screen goes red-ish, and it takes a few seconds, but whenever I try and bake AO to this particular model (works fine for everything else), it seems to work fine, but the texture comes out all black.

There is no error in the console.

Can someone please figure out what is causing the problem, or bake the texture for me (256x256)?

To bake, create a new image in the UV panel, and press Ctrl+Alt+B then save the image.;6825814;;/fileinfo.html

yes this is a bit nervously thing

you should Apply scale and rotation with ctrl+a and recalcualte the normals outside width ctrl+n in edit mode and assign to faces a pictures in Uv Editor window and it will good :slight_smile:

you should Apply and scale and rotation when u mirroring or scaling something in object mode and this way you can see the real normal orientation and scaling size.

squareline is right, if your normals are facing inward, no AO sample traces will make it to the faces (for example: in real life the inside of a box is pitch black because no light can get in)

so when you are going to bake, you get a uv map of the inside of the chair

Thanks, that worked like a charm :slight_smile: