Earlier today, I was going online. Unfortunately, my family buys into the “so-many-morons-in-the-world-no-wonder-it’s-number-one” hype and subscribes to AOL. (I’d use the :stuck_out_tongue: smilie there, but it looks like it’s smiling, and this a serious matter.) So I look at the teenage-aimed headlines, and one thing has a guy with a bull going at his arse. The headline is: “Real Pain In The Ass.”

I thought that was kind of funny, since AOL seems to be so hyped towards families that you’d never guess they’d swear and tarnish that image. Unfortunately, I’m assuming that they were caught in the act by some prudes, and now it reads, “Real Pain In The Butt.” All I have to say is…


Any other reasons why I should consider leaving AOL? (I’ll show this all to my parents. :wink: )

Why bother, it’s up to the parents to change the level of access for their children when the account is opened and AOL is installed.

Why not leave AOl, then you could pay for your own internet account? :wink:

I’ve got a feeling that if you complain to your parents they will lock down your internet access so much, you’ll wish you had said nowt.

I use AOL and have no complaints at all, but then I pay for mine. :smiley:


True, but it sucks. Ask anyone on here. Well, except yourself.

I still have all 1 million of my AOL free trial disks… They make GREAT coasters…


I’ll show this all to my parents.

Just how many parents yo got?


Right, more than 2 parents, messed up, no?

Do this - unsobscribe to AOL - big reason - it’s a bandwidth hogging (slows your connection greatly), not-number-one (it’s actually going out of business), for-retards (I mean, who DOESN’T know how to surf the web now adays?), system resource hogging (hogs RAM and CPU usage) peice of shit (self explanitory).

Parents, grand parents, #1,2,3,4,5 wife, he’s a morman remember ?

Or handy little mirrors!


Good for reflecting sunlight and blinding people…

Why are you staring at me like that?

I’m not sure if Mormons still keep with that practice, but it is always good to have a chuckle at their exspense. I mean they claim to have more Jesus than any other Christian faith. They have that text noone else follows ‘the Newer Testament’ aka ‘the Book of Mormon’.

The Book of Morons. :smiley:

Or handy little mirrors!


They also make great frisbies :smiley:

Also, if you’ve got a tree you don’t want birds nesting in, or you run short on Christmas ornaments…

AOL: Amazingly Overpriced Losers :smiley:

Parents, grand parents, #1,2,3,4,5 wife, he’s a morman remember ?[/quote]

I wrote it as “I’ll show this all to my parents.” I only have two parents. We stopped the whole bigamy/polygamy thing long ago, back when the government was made up of idiots (some things never change, eh? Thought so) and banned it because we did it, overgoing the first amendment and making total fools of themselves. It would have been nice to keep polygamy and bigamy, though, because then it would have made my situation with a huge amount of crushes way easier, but we decided to ban it. Simple.

You guys realize that I try to read every reply to my posts, right? We’re not morons. And you guys have laughs at our expense; so do we! We’re currently putting on an adaptation of a famous play: “Seven Wives For One Brother!” (–The Singles Ward)

The whole problem being that my parents don’t want to unsubscribe. Maybe I’ll show them that. Bandwidth hog certainly is right; we can’t download a 26 meg file in less than 2 hours. Going out of business? I thought they had some new 9.0 version coming soon. Who doesn’t know how to use the Net? Amish people, third-world countries, and pizza boxes. System hogging? Nowhere near how many downloads I’ve done to date (one folder of mine has used up almost 79 megs), right? Piece of shit… I’ll drink to that.

I was angry once at Target, and found a spare AOL disk, so I went into an empty bathroom, bent it (thus breaking it, ever-so-obviously) and threw it into the toilet, covering it with toilet paper. (I didn’t flush it. I hope someone else did.) We should write a book: “500 Ways To Use Your Leftover AOL Free Trial Discs!”

I agree, final answer.

I use AOL discs to decorate my room, round the edges on top of the picture rail, but now I have run out of space.

And the discs keep on coming!!! :frowning:

I agree, we need to work to get rid of these hatefull law. Thoe the country may become over crowed fast. It should be legal in at least one state. Hell, they can marry porky as far as I care.

Who said CDs make good frisbees?
They obviously haven’t tried. :smiley:

what are you talking about? CDs make great frisbees!

they’re harder to catch, but they fly really well!

and if you hit someone there’s a good chance that you can cut them! unlike those crappy plastic ones that can only break teeth…

Yeah… AOL sucks…

They word their commercials like they’re the only ones that provide somthing. I know it’s marketing, but…

Some people will automatically think that it’s cheaper to search AOL Google than Google itself.