AOL strike back

(theeth) #1

man, this really sucks :x

ok, I want to put a patent on pop ups, who’s with me? :wink:


(rwv01) #2

Well they’ll have to contend MicroSoft over that one.
Surely THEY won’t let this be the end of it.

(cree) #3

How about a patent for software that permanently gets rid of all pop ups?

(acasto) #4

I hate patents for that reason. They would be great if the system really works. But what happens is good intelligent ideas get tossed through the filters of capitalism and all things get screwed up. Next thing you know inginuity gets lost in the profit margins.

(theeth) #5


How about a patent for software that permanently gets rid of all pop ups?[/quote]

with a patent on pop ups, we could get a quarter everytime someone toss a pop up in our face. :stuck_out_tongue:


(cree) #6

How true. That’s why Adobe hates open source and Linux.

(IMProvisar) #7


How about a patent for software that permanently gets rid of all pop ups?[/quote]

I think the point is that if you patent pop-ups, then no one can use them without infringing on your patent, and you can sue the pants off anyone who puts up those annoying advertisements! Popup removal software would then be irrelevant. :slight_smile:

First off, patents are a good thing. Just like copywrights, they give people the incentive to create great new ideas by stopping others from ripping you off. Unfortunately, it seems that we now have a slew(sp?) of extremely incompetent people filing/approving these applications. It was intended to protect new and not obvious ideas. Unfortunately, people are getting approval for IM patents so vague they could fairly describe the interent itself, or even the telephone system, trademarks that have been used by people online forever (like “:-(” ), and patents for things as obvious as shining dots of light on the floor and moving them around for exercising your cat (hasn’t EVERYONE done this at some point or another with their watch and sunlight???).

The problem isn’t patents, it’s the idiots currently approving idiotic patents. Someone designs a new type of video display (Like the *OLED or HGED tech talked about on the forums before), sure, they should get a patent so Sony, Panasonic, Maganvox, whoever can’t just say "thanks, we’ll start building them, you stay poor… but someone says “You know… so many people are using this, and NO ONE owns a patent on it… let’s patent it, since we made one too!” … no.

Capitalism would work great if we can get the government out of business, and the idiots out of the patent office, hehe.


(IMProvisar) #8

Oh… forgot to mention, but the sad thing is that with all the crap the government tries to do, patents are one of the few things they’re actually authorized and required to do.


(blengine) #9

thats crazy…being able to patent something as popular as instant messaging is!!! thats like patenting the act of breathing… something that exists in this much bulk shouldnt be allowed to be patented =\

(IMProvisar) #10

The problem is not that it’s popular (If I design a working StarTrek-style holodeck, I’m sure they’ll be popular, and I’ll DEFINITELY patent the processes… but I don’t think you’ll see anything wrong with that).

The problem is first, their patent was far too vague. I read part of the patent, and I’m not sure how it couldn’t apply to the internet as a whole (Created by Al Gore, not AOL), or the telephone system, (Created by Don Amechi, not AOL).

Secondly, I’m not sure, but I don’t believe that AOL (nor ICQ, which AOL bought) were the first to do something like an IM… but I may be wrong. They did do it before MSN and Yahoo, but there were other online services around (thinking CompuServe, Prodigy, Genie, etc), and if any of them did IM’s internally, then neither AIM nor ICQ were the first, nor unique, and AOL can’t get a legit patent.


Disclaimer - In the past, I have tried to make jokes, when people thought I was legitemately ignorant. For this reason, I will now list two jokes, which may not be obvious. 1 - I know Al Gore didn’t invent the internet, and had absolutely no part in inventing it, nor even funding it’s invention, as it was invented before he became a Senator, that was a joke. 2 - I know Don Amichi didn’t invent the telephone, he only played Alexander Graham Bell in a movie, that was a joke. 3 - I know this disclaimer is probably unwarranted, it is a joke, but a few people may not have gotten jokes 1 and 2.

(Clete2) #11

off-topic but if you look at a link on the page it links to AIM beta and they will be allowing ICQ to communicate to AIM… here comes the spam, breace yourself…

(sten) #12

this sucks…

there will be always ppl that makes stuff go roundabout it…hehe, just look at the open source community especially in the Linux area…they will never go for this :wink:

Here cooooomes :Z

(verylost) #13

how retarted is AOL getting nowadays! everytime i go on the internet i see something that pisses me of about aol even more. when i get home and check mail, i get 50 ‘FREE AOL’ tins and disks, which in turn piss me off. i turn on the tv and see ‘AOL IS k00l u kan chat online’, again, pissing me off.

oh, and what was that recent patent, where some guy tried to patent selling stuff online? he sued small buisinesses which did not have the money to fight back… yeah id say theres a problem in the patent office =D

on the lighter side of things, im starting to go all opensource programs… hopefully those dont get patented =P

(Eric) #14

That’s why you don’t use an incompetent browser like IE.

(verylost) #15

yes, use mozilla!

and actually, a great way to stop pop-ups is with ‘free surfer mkII’, i used that untill i got mozilla.