AOL'ers still exist

… yesterday I got confirmation: AOL-type people still exist.

… I’m and independent developer, I started working from home and registered the business at the business registry and phone books… it’s called Catnip Games.
my home is in an area where there are no shops, looks like all the other 150 other houses in the street and has no sign of being a shop.
… so yesterday a lady rings at the door “do you sell stratego for the wii?”
no “hello I’m…” or “excuses me am I at the right adres” noooo she just blurted it out.
she seemed to have no idea about where she was, and why my roomy was looking at her weirdly, even though he asked her what she expected to find wii stuff at someone’s house.
Of course I was at the office… so I missed it.

yesterday i was with the kids. we were trying to find a missing lego character that was very important, and very very lost. we didn’t find it… later on, we went to sauna and then watched studio ghiblis “cat returns” … nobody rang the door bell for the whole day.

but, i remember, there was one time, that door bell rang… years ago. it was a guy. and he gave me a magazine.


…is there something I’m not getting here? That doesn’t have anything to AOL-types.

well, i don’t think it really matters.
hoxolotl was telling about his day and how his room mate opened a door to somebody… so i thought i’d do the same.


Amazing, getting a customer without any advertising !? You should have made her a Stratego for Wii.
Glad to hear that you are still in business, we met at the Blender conference dinner in october,

Oh you guys, this is crazy. Once time i opened this door, but it wasnt actaully a door, no, it was a portal to another universe, of course, i wasnt aware of this at the time.