AOR map

Hi, I have downloaded object with textures and I´m not sure how to use map named AOR in the node setup. There are these textures: ambient occlusion, diffuse, normal map and reflection map and one named AOR. The AOR map is mainly yellow with some red and green lines. Thanks for any help.

Hmmm. no, I’m not sure what that would be for.

From your description it soundf like a normal map, but you have one of those…

I’ve sometimes made maps for my own use where, like, red will be bump, green will be roughness and blue will be alpha… I don’t know if it could be anything like that…

I’ve also never heard of AOR. I’ve heard of EOR…

I suspect it could mean ‘Angle of Reflection’. But also not sure what the purpose would be. If there is precomputed lighting, yes. But it doesn’t sound like that in your description.

Red and green, no blue? Could it be flowmap/aniso tangents? Not much information (or shared stuff) to go on here.

There’s a very good chance that this map strictly contains “digital data,” expressed in the usual way as (R,G,B) tuples but probably representing something like (X,Y,Z) angles.

I suggest that you contact the source of the object and simply ask them. (Then, tell us.)