AP art concentration

I’ve been working on a digital AP art portfolio, and this is my first piece. My concentration is based on the dicotomy between nature and technology. The two fields are closing ever quicker. The second idea is that digital art is just that, ART. I love digital art and have for a long time, and it is easier for me to produce than a painting or a highly detailed drawing.

Ah yes, I remember AP art. To be honest my concentration was really simple. Something about mechanics… Anyways, I like your idea, one kid in the class has the same exact concentration idea. I’m not sure what score he received though. Jest make sure you show your art teacher what you have written before you send it in. Also MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH ART PIECES and don’t leave it to the last second. I’ve seen great artists get 2s because of that. For my breadth I went all over the board. I had many different medias, they weren’t great, but I think the judges are really looking for diversity. So go crazy there.

That advice gave me a 4 out of 5 for my score.

Anyways crit on the actual image,
I love it, especially the lighting, it is spot on.
The color variation in the grass is good, but I would add a couple more plans, maybe a few flowers. Also I would add grunge to the body texture of your technological piece. If you are going for a tree look, maybe add robotic roots and have one root go by the camera.

Other then that, good job, composition is excellent too.