Apartment Archviz

Hello, here is my latest commercial project. All is done for 5 days, blender, cycles, GIMP.


Very nicely done, especially in such a small amount of time! My favourites are 1, 7 and 10.

looks perfect.

Lovely renders. The details are just wonderful.
The short turnaround time is surprising.

Wow, great work.
Can you say more about this scene?
How was lighting done? HDR, sun, mesh-light?
Did u use the principle-shader?

No HDR - too slow and noisy in interirors.
Sun with value of 3
No meshlights - too noisy
No principle shader - too noisy - i have my own nodegroup.
I used “simplify” with 3 bounces.
And with “simplify” it took about 1 hour on 4000 samples on 980 ti

wow cool perfect, can see material nodes on transparent curtain?

It’s simple mix of diffuse shader with translucent shader and with transparent shader

Wow! Great everything!

What’s ‘simplify’?

Simplify is new feature of 2.79 - very useful when we need to eliminate noise

What are your settings for Simplify?

Didn’t know about this feature at all! Thank you!

Stunning work!

Impressive and pleasing to the eye. I like it.

Could you give some pointers on the bed? I’ve had difficult getting the kinds of folds you have where the blanket is tucked into itself at both sides of the mattress at the foot of the bed. Did you just do that manually, or is there a cloth-physics way to achieve that?

I made blanket and matress with sculpt - it is the fastest way.

Wow, very impressive, definitely the most crisp interior renderings I have seen come out of cycles so far. - One hour render time on a single card in this resolution is really amazing, considering the quality. This is definitely up there with vray and corona, time and speed wise. I will give your approach of default lights and materials a try.
Also 5 days for building the complete apartment is incredibly quick.

Did you remove the geomtry behind the camera to get more direct lighting?

No, i used camera clipping instead.

That´s the brilliant thing, removing walls is not an option for a complete interior project and serious 3d planning. - I´m glad you shared some information on your process, thanks for that.