Apartment Archviz

Yeah I know, I removing walls is a pain, especially if you have to render a couple of angles it becomes a nightmare. But with only indirect light rendering slows to a crawl, I haven’t found a decent way to render interior scenes yet.

Can you explain this? I dont understand how camera clipping helps.

Great renders, great work with the lighting. Did you used many lights, portals and a good HDR in this scene? Could you share some info about it?


Dude, really? You should read this thread, he has already answered that.

This looks amazing. How did you do the curtains? I’m trying to build some today for my own viz project.

Really nice work. I especially appreciate how everything is so well aesthetically balanced (in my opinion).

oh jesus that is so realistic im crying

Well done!

Блендер тащит, ты так заморочился с оптимизацией потому что лупишь заказы пачками или просто что б машину не гонять зря ночью? Для наших делаешь или нет, чо по деньгам, подскажи пожалуйста.

chombor Thank you, sent you a PM

Good work!

Beautiful work! This really makes me want to try rendering in Blender.

Thumbs up!

just awesome

a comment - what is the material of luster on first pics? looks like plastic, while awaiting for a crystal

well here is reference that client sent to me http://www.eichholtz.com/lighting-1/pendants-lanterns-chandeliers/chandelier-nova-109494
it seems that it’s not crystall…

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Only the last image shows up in the 1st post. How do I get the rest of the images to show up? Thanks

I’ve cleaned up this post; these images were externally hosted and are no longer availble.

Short answer: to turn an image url into the image itself you have to use the markdown formatting:
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Are the rest of the images posted elsewhere? Thanks

So realistic, especially the curtains, cushions, blankets etc[quote=“easydream, post:1, topic:698609, full:true”]
Hello, here is my latest commercial project. All is done for 5 days, blender, cycles, GIMP.