Apartment Bedroom Visualization

Hello, everyone!
Creating this render was a fun and enjoyable process for me.
Honestly, I feel like something is taking away the realism.
Please let me know what you think. Thanks! :grinning:

Finished Render:

Raw Render:


Hi Oliver!
It looks pretty good!
There are a few things I think might help you make this look better.
The biggest thing for me that breaks this is the scale of the textures - the bricks seem too big (google the actual size and check how close you are), the wood veneer on the wall is definitely too big, the bed frame seems a bit weird too and I feel it’s also an issue with the texture scale. Same with the carpet. The wood flooring seems to have very short planks and they’re all in straight rows. If you look at how that looks in real life you will probably notice that they’re much longer and they resemble a brick wall with the way they are aligned on the floor.
If you fix those issues I think the image will look much better.
Other thing I would pay a bit more attention to is the way you frame the shot. The edges of the image cut a little bit of everything that’s there(curtain on the right, bed at the bottom, frame and nightstand on the left).
Lastly, I would change a few things in the interior itself - I think the brick wall would look better behind the bed, instead of the triple wood frame on the wall I would put just one picture or painting, I would ditch the curtains near the doors and maybe I would add some nice hanging lamp.
That’s all from me:P
Don’t stop doing 3d!

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Texture scaling and overall composition. Thanks! I will keep that in mind with my next renders. :slight_smile:

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No worries! Looking forward to see your next image!

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New Update: I recently decided to post-process in an open-source software called Darktable (It’s a free alternative to Photoshop), this is the result I got.

To me, the scene looks a little more realistic with replicating the effect of exposure on a real camera.

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