Apartment complex finished

hey I was wondering what you guys thought… I decided this was finished for now but if you can offer constructive crits then please do :slight_smile:



greak work it has a ver warm greek feel to it my onl crits are that there are a few stair cases that would be very difficult to walk on because the bottem of the goes straight into a wall

see this?

erm… its uhh…er… its a challenge… its like uhh… a puzzle. If you can get up the stairs without falling then you can live there for free? not disabled accessible…

thanks for the reply… I was thinking about that and I thought maybe I could make an archway there or something.


hey, I like the lighting, and the model. it’s simple, yet it’s very nice to look at. makes you want to go in and climb on those things.

crits: the trees are all copies. atleast do some changes to them, now it’s a bit obvious. there are also some plants on the back (top right corner), that are positioned behind the model. that looks slightly strange, because there is so much of them there… hidden.


thanks for the comment basse. I feel honored to be critiqued by someone whos work is an inspiration to me. Chicken.chair is still one of my favorites.

The plants in the top right corner are actually in a large pot that is part of the top of the building, but because of the angle of the camera it looks like they’re behind. I’ll probably remove that part and add some more pots or something.

thanks again!


The style totaly rocks! It gives the feeling of a doll city that is placed in your livingroom or something (I know this sounds disturbed, but I like it)

Realy nice :smiley:

reminds me of a scene Endi made several months (years?!?) ago.

it’s really nice, simple, well modelled, well lit. good job. I like how you got the tree, with a voronoi texture I believe?

The edges reall should’ve been bevelled a little if you ask me :slight_smile:

Really nice toony stile (nice trees :)) and good lightening!

Agree with Marve.
But good job!

wow! thanks for all the compliments! I thought that it might have been just another blend that no one paid attention to but I really appreciate that you guys took the time to comment…:slight_smile:

Ecks: Thank you for that :slight_smile: yes it is a voroni crackle texture that is displacing the mesh. I’m happy with the way they turned out.

Marve: After I had already modeled the apartments I regretted not beveling the edges. I think it would have improved the realism a lot.

Heres the changes that I made… I should have put this in the WIP forum but I think its finished now…


thanks again for the comments and crits…

this is really nice. very well lit scene. only crit is the uniformity of the building texture, as each house is exactly the same. try changing it up a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this scene a lot, really. Almost makes me want to live in those little houses :slight_smile:

(But as DedKnight already noticed, the texture on the wall is always the same. )

I bought a book called “digital lighting and rendering” by Jeremy Birn and he said “If it looks like CG, then its not good CG.” I guess it depends on what effect you are going for but for the most part I thing he’s right. I’m gonna have to work on this quite a bit more. Could someone please put this in the WIP forum?


Looks good! I definitely could use bevelling… or better yet: rounded corners to give it that “adobe” look. Some random cracks in the plaster would be nice for this, too, IMO. Keep at it!

if you can offer constructive crits then please do.

Ok all the edges should be beveled.
Each tree and plant should be unique
and not just a copy rotated or whatever.
All the textures should be different
not just the same one placed everywhere.
The lighting is an odd looking greenish color.
The sky texture is a bit weak.


  1. Change the light color to light blue.
  2. Make more trees and plants.
  3. Bevel all edges.
  4. Make more textures.
  5. Make a better sky texture.

I give this a 6 out of 10.
It’s good but could be better.

I hadn’t noticed a greenish color on the lighting. Where are you talking about? I agree with the sky texture. I was using one of the sky maps from the forums. Maybe I can find something that gives more depth.

heres another picture. smaller resolution but when I beveled the edges it made some weird artifacts with the shading on the buildings. not sure how to fix that. I was thinking of modeling the complex completely over and beveling the buildings before I do anything else to them. that will result in a cleaner look overall IMO.


thanks again for all your crits :slight_smile:

Look at the tops of the buildings
there is a greenish color there.

The beveled edges help big time.
Now your getting highlights.

yeah I see that now. thanks for letting me know. It does look off now that it was pointed out. I had four spots with a slight yellow tint for the sun and a blue area lamp for the sky color and it must have blended to make a greenish color. I’m gonna hold off for a while until I can figure out an easier way to fix the shading problems underneath the windows.