Apartment Design

I’ve been blending some building’s lately so I thought I’d put this one here for some C & C.


Looks nice but the grass and water does not look realistic, the building is done nicely though… Maybe try to make the grass with particles…


To my mind, the walls are not enough sharp.


I would make the water not look like it tiles, maybe have one BIG texture…with no tiling…I would also make the tree’s leaves a bit more sharp and outstanding…and maybe make the trees have roots that go into the ground.

Fantastic work otherwise!!!


From the architectural point of view:
I don’t think that the nighbours would like to have their balconys so close together. A way to solve this is some type of wall between them.

somehow the idea of a such high building so close to the sea makes e dizzy…

maybe the waves should be smaller because waves this high wold react differently near the the rocks…

Based on the balcony door size, and each apartment having it’s own balcony, each apartment is only about 12x15 feet. That’s a nice large room, but a terribly small apartment. You’ll also need to make provisions for an elevator and stairs in a building that tall. Hydraulic elevators (the kind that push the elevator car up from underneath) only go one or two stories high, so you’d need a little mechanical room on the roof for an electrical elevator hoist.

Building so close to the water, the shoreline would need to be reinforced with a fairly sturdy retaining wall, and, since there’s no beach, a small pier would be a nice addition so the apartment owners would have a place to dock their boats.

each apartment is only about 12x15 feet

not many people would have noticed that (I wouldn for one), but a great point. Also, the elevator machine rooms would make for nice detail - maybe a domed glass roof so you can see the cogs and pulleys? also, you should follow your own grass tut :stuck_out_tongue: - its great.

good work thus far