Apartment Interior in Cycles

Here is my latest attempt at rendering a realistic interior in Cycles. Took me about 2 days to get this all built out.
I would love your harshest critique to help me get this to the next level as I’m really trying to push myself. The below images are screenshots since my renders ended up being about 50M each…

Everything except the chairs, plants, and props was modeled by me. I used a couple of great free models from Polyhaven as well as some incredible furniture models (couch, ikea bookshelf, chandelier) from 3dShaker. Some textures were taken from Megascans but the photography images are all mine as well.

PS - while I’m trying to go for realism here I am trying to make it look as ‘clean’ as possible - so I’m not sure if adding grunge will benefit my render, as I’m not trying to make it look run down in any way… Thanks for looking!


hi, your work looks good! I just wanted to give you a camera tip, try a setting between 70 to 100mm to avoid deformations, many times the area of ​​the room is limited, you can use the clip start option to adjust and achieve the framing, sorry for my English I am not so good, I hope this helps you, success! :v:t2:

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Fridge has no handle or notches for opening it. Also add some bevel to it.

The counter top has a groove going into the wall

I would suggest change the kitchen wall textures. I’d expect some ambient occusion between where the counter top and the wall meets. Due to the lack of shadows and reflections the spacial relationship is unclear.

Again no handles on most of the kitchen shelfs.

the kettle looks very out of place with that rusty texture. Definitely goes against your modern and clean agenda.

The handle of the knife is way too flat.

The “butter” on the bread looks moldy.

The decorative light is lit pretty dim while all the other lights look overexposed.

The lighting has been greatly improve since the last time I saw your post. Great job.

FYI the free megascan library is supposed to be used with unreal. You are required to have a license using them outside unreal engine. So do be aware of that.

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Thank you for your time!
I should try to post the original - the kitchen and fridge has do have pull handles on top of the panels but hard to see with this resolution I guess…
Agreed on the kettle, butter, knife…
And thx for letting me know re the Megascans guess I will need to get a license .

Any suggestions for best settings when scaling my image down in Photoshop from 4K to post here?

…Also, I am seeing from the Quixel Bridge/Mixer site that they are free to use for everyone regardless of what software is being used. Which makes sense since there is a plugin in Bridge to export all assets into Blender…I imagine they would not do that if they didn’t want Blender users to work with their assets…

The software is free to use but the megascan assets are not.

4.1.5 Megascans Free Asset License. This section shall only apply to the extent you are not already licensed to use Megascans Free Assets under Sections 4.1.1 – 4.1.4 above (in which case the terms of the applicable license shall apply to your use of Megascans Free Assets). Quixel hereby grants you, a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Services to download, use, and modify Megascans Free Assets solely for your internal evaluation purposes. You may not or allow others to sell, license, or otherwise commercially use or exploit any products or services containing Megascans Free Assets.

You may share or sell textures made with Quixel Mixer provided you own all copyrights to any input data used to create said textures. You may however not share or sell textures made with Quixel Mixer if using source Megascans textures. For such cases, you may instead sell and distribute Quixel Mixer preset files un-restrictedly as previously stated.

Our “Free” assets are a separate category, the Terms of which are detailed over at quixel.com/terms.

The assets in the “Free” category are 50 free assets for users on the one-month free trial, for evaluation and testing purposes.

Correct! You can also download Megascans free assets (the free section) to try it out for non-commercial purposes. Same goes for assets coming with Mixer (free assets/demo projects, for non-commercial purposes only).

Got it! Ok - so if I decide to go the route of making renderings for commercial use - will get a license so I am not in violation of the policy.

Here is the latest try. Much happier with this one. My Rtx 3090 maxed out the RAM a couple times so I had to render on cpu which took a while.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

I am honored to be featured! Thank you and thank you to Blender foundation for creating such a robust and rich set of tools for creators and tinkerers like me!

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Hi! Nice work!
How long it took to render a panorama?

Thank you my friend! It took about 45 minutes to render at 4k with 1000 samples and NLM denoiser(it was actually CPU + GPU) but had to be in CUDA since when I tried to render with Optix and Optix Denoiser it was giving me Out of Memory errors… which is annoying since I have 24GB of VRAM to spare :slight_smile: … Not sure why it took up more memory via Optix vs Cuda, but I think the result was pretty similar. I think my main issue was the file size of the photography images that I used - next scene I build I will be more mindful of texture sizes and memory usage since I ended up having to delete quite a few items from this scene which I didn’t want to lose…

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After waiting a long 3 hours for my cpu to render, here is another angle of the scene. CPU is always king it seems!

Weird… your RTX 3090 go out of memory? 3 hour render for this… I guess that you have decent CPU.

Yeah it is strange - what do you think the issue is? I didn’t think this kind of scene would end up taking so much memory but maybe there are just too many textures loaded into Video Memory? There are a bunch more textures in the blend file that are not being used by any models. Could that be it?

Get rid of any unnecessary stuff, no matter textures or geometry. Also consider are textures too big for some stuff. Some renders have build MIP scaling, not sure how Cycles handle such stuff. Optimization is key word.
Also many artist render smaller picture and latter upscale it. These days there are AI software which do decent job.

Thx - I will do my best to start being conscious of memory usage and be more efficient. I will consider rendering smaller and up scaling, but I would prefer to render in 4K since I think there’s no way up scaling something half the size could achieve a similar result but I could be wrong

When I start to mess with 3D on my local art forum are couple dudes which are very good, experienced. They give for “free” advices to beginners ( and some not so beginners :wink: ). His comments are ‘direct’ without any circumlocution… one dude especially. His comments in modern days will be rated as rude, inappropriate, censored. I still remember one ‘lesson’ about scene optimization. In this time I was little pissed, but very soon I understand his point. And I’m very grateful for this ‘lesson’. On forum we joking that this dude can make better stuff on toaster than someone on dual xeon… which are probably true.
Anyway, we all love to see big resolution, including customers which often demand unnecessary big resolutions. But reality is that time is crucial, also like you already know, big resolutions are resource hungry. Many professionals upscale his works very often. Nowadays there is software like
How to Enlarge Your Photos with Gigapixel AI - YouTube
he is not free, but I guess cheaper than hardware upgrade, also you can’t buy time which spend on large renders. Imagine that you just finish job, but customer demand some changes… like immediately.
You don’t need to render tinny pictures then upscale it 400 - 600%. I fell render time bust even if I render 75%. Then use Photoshop to get “full” resolution. But dedicated software like Topaz are much better. I see examples when 200% upscaling are almost imperceptible especially if you latter add CA, film grain and other tricks.

Thank you for the advice - will give it a look! Ended up deleted a bunch of items from the scene and can now render on my video card…but the scene looks empty. I think I did something wrong, will try to rebuild the scene again from scratch soon.

Cycles does not do mip mapping.

You can usage gpu-z to monitor your gpu memory usage. The one from task manager isn’t accurate.

You have a coupe options for optimizing gpu memory usage.

  • Reduce texture size.
  • Reduce geometry vertices
  • Use instance where applicable.
  • Adaptive subdivision might help

Have you try CUDA? it is slower than OPTIX but can render out of core if vram is full. Still will be faster than cpu alone. OPTIX is supposed to do out of core but the behavior is automatic and not user controllable.

also check your objects for over subdivided geometry. Some assets are not optimized for large scenes. The quality also varies.