Apartment Interior

I’ve just finished a render of an apartment interior - comments/criticisms always welcome!

Hmm. The lamps look weird, as if they are solid glass… unusual. The rug at the bottom of the frame looks strange, the texture on the table looks a bit odd, but not horrible. The bed (is that a bed?) in the background looks really weird. Overall the lighting seems OK and you’re on the right track, there are just a few weird bits that are throwing it off.

The lamps are modeled as you would imagine (i.e. not solid), but I was surprised at the amount of refraction. I think the rug (and maybe the table) look a bit odd because of the wide lens used, but you’re right, they could do with a bit of work.

Not sure what looks too weird about the bed though - could you give some pointers there?

Thanks for the comments!

Nice work but small drawbacks are there like lighting and glass settings. Bed that you are shown there is also some have terrible to look. But totally good work.