Apartment Kitchen in Cycles

Right, new user here even though I’ve been a blender user for about 2 years… but this is the first project of my own that wasn’t based step by step on some video tutorial.

It’s a small apartment kitchen rendered in cycles. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, any criticisms that can help me improve is always welcome.

welcome to the site - what a strong first posting! couple of observations - of course there is the grain issue - might try upping the samples. having built a kitchen before, I’d say the cabinets need toe kicks, as well as the appliances. the appliance displays are pretty cool, and will look more unified with the scene once the graininess around them is gone. very cool refrigerator design!

As Wolfred mentioned, the grain is noticable, but that can be fixed easily. Texturing is very nice, I love the ceiling! I don’t know if I’m just not noticing, but I think it needs some DoF. Amazing job!

I think the wall tiles need some scaling, the tile joints is to wide. Also think the lower cabinets needs a socket. Otherwise the image is fine, nice light and reflections.