Apartment Render

Hi, just finished project. Blender cycles +Filmic + Denoise. How it looks? Interior Design by Aleksey Sushkov


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and final image


can you post your settings for render?

It’s nice, but suffers from the CGI “Too clean” look.

I think the texture on that chair by the window isn’t right. It seems like the pattern is getting warped and skewed rather than going flat across.

I looked at several wingback chairs to gauge this, and while there are several that are “single” smooth piece like this, most of the ones with a pattern cloth print have a separate piece for the back and sides, which would make the texturing a little easier, I think. Or you could through in some more seams where it might overlap slight. (Like, the seam on the seat works because there would actually be a seam there. Where might there be one in the upper portion?)

Like Roken says, it feels a little to neat and clean, but overall, looks great!

Thanks for reply, Perfect image was one of the requirements of the customer. Depends on how fast confirm its design.
P.S. sorry for my English =)

t.y. for reply here that chair

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Interesting… now that I look at it, I do see the pattern repeating… It just looked odd to me when I first saw it, which is why I thought the texture might be skewing.

did you use AO to light the scene?
BTW great renderings, this is quality i am aiming for.

Thanks! In this scene I didnt use AO, but some times I add a little, 0.01-0.1 AO

Hi there,
Everything looks awesome,

the only part that gave it away are the display shelf lights,
I think that they are too bright in the scene, it is as though they are as bright as the sun

Thanks! On the shelves of really bright light sources, the customer wanted to include them on the daily visualization. And I have to clarity a bit exaggerated intensity to be visible IES

Hey Floki Sir,

I think the iMacs cable is white :slight_smile: Great stuff!

t.y. for reply. Its really white =) my bad

Hi Floki,
good job!
How did you created cornice?

Thanks, cornice download real model of it from here https://evroplast.ru. After that delete faces and convert to curve. Create curve for path switch type to 2d and select first curve for bevel profile. Thats all =)

It’s such a nice render! Either there should be more dirt or dust jn the floor or bookshelves to add photorealism :slight_smile:

Thanks! Yeap I know about dust and dirt but the customer required a clean look without dust and so on.