Apartment woes

So it’s been awhile since I’ve visited the boards. Did I miss anything? :stuck_out_tongue: . So I’ve been going to Oregon State University as a sophmore and living in an apartment with some girl I don’t even know. All i knew when I met her last year is that she was looking for a roommate for an apartment for this year. Bad idea. I should have gotten a place with one of my friends!

I ended up being the one who cleaned up all the messes that Sam made. I finally got fed up with it and confronted her last week. It was so bad that I told her I was going to move out. I knew another of my friends, Margaux, who didn’t like her roommate and she was looking for another place to live. So I’ve begun the moveout process, but Margaux found out that breaking her current lease would cost her thousands of dollars. great…

So I’m moving out this weekend, but with no place to go and with no roommate! I spent the entire day today looking up rooms for rent available ASAP. I found 4.

The first was a 7 (out of 10). A guy on the polo team whose roommate had been called to duty by the national guard. A moderate sized duplex, but it’s right next to a power station (and yes, you can hear the buzzing). Other than that it was good.

The next place I visited was a terrible 2 out of 10. Two women (seniors or older I think) who owned 3 cats in something the size of a bus. What’s worse… Her (Star’s) brother used to live in the room I’d be moving into, and all of his furniture is still there. Star also mentioned that there were noisy neighbors who lived above her, and that there were little kids who’d run in front of your car as they came home from school. Not what I want to deal with.

So tomorrow I meet with 4 people who live in a 3 bedroom house. There are two couples who each share a room, so I’d have my own room with a bathroom attached. Sounds pretty nice, and the rent’s cheap because it’s devided among so many people.

The last possibility I haven’t set up an appointment with yet. But she was living with her boyfriend in a two-bedroom apartment. They decided to share one room, so one became available. Who knows how that would work.

I need to be out of my current apartment by Sunday :o :o :o :o …
Wish me luck!

Keep looking, man. Best of luck. If you were in the area, I’d hook you up, but I think Oregon is a little bit too much of a commute from Virginia. :wink:

Sam sounds like my X lol :wink:

Good luck man! and me personally… moving in with a couple… ouch… I wouldn’t like it… 2 couples ok cause then no one has privacy, but 1… eesh you’d be like intruding all the time.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


LoL Rip! You’re going to look like your avatar by the end of the year. (I actually know someone who looks just like that, but I don’t have the heart to send it to him)


sheesh ripsting, it’s supposed to rain this weekend AGAIN. Hope it works out for you

Did I miss anything?

Yeah, my question in python/scrips about the guides in your hair script :stuck_out_tongue:

GOOD LUCk with apartment stuff, I donated for the script, hope that helps :smiley:

Man! I hope it all comes together for you.

I decided to move in with the two couples. They’re awesome people, and my room is really big. They helped me move- 2 trips with 2 trucks and my car. It only took about 4 hours to move and unload everything. And luckily it didn’t rain or anything (it had been snowing 2 days before).

Thanks for the donation Enzoblue! Sorry I wasn’t here to help you out… I’ll head over to the python form next to try and answer your question.

Thanks everyone!

bravo ripsting! sounds like some stability for the short term anyway. glad to hear it.

how you put a picture in the forums

Hopefullly whatever you find is still better than living with your old roommate

I’m guessing that by now (three years later), he has found an apartment and lived in it for years. Do not bump old threads.