Blender 2.79 and Cycles Render
800 Samples + Denoising + Filmic

Textures from Poliigon.com






Wow, wow, wow! This is really impressive! The light is perfect, and also the framing. This is photorealism, no doubt; and a very good sample about how far can reach cycles render. Congrats!!!

really awesome awesome awesome
can you explain render setting and how many light have sence

Yes PLS, i rlly want know how to achieve that realism.

Great lighting! :slight_smile: Area lightsin windows?

Thanks guys.

This is the scene setting.

hm some shadows are too dark actually like under the chairs or inside the sofar

the rest is well made

Thank you ever so much for the render settings, but I am still confused how you got a scene this clear with 800 samples (with Sobol for crying out loud!); my last render was not nearly as good and I went up to 4K samples at 1600px, I am at a loss!
Please don’t say denoiser - textures don’t seem smudged at all.

Denoiser + 0.8 clamp settings

It’s pretty cool but I think the lack of lightbounces shows in some places, creating somewhat unnatural darkening. Cycles really needs some secondary gi engine or massive speedup for these types of renders.

Is it for you or for commercial use?

For study only, it’s not a commercial project.

This is one extraordinary piece of work. Well done!
Did you tune down the numbers in Light Paths so as to speed up render?

as the others just said: Very well and nice peace of work.

You have two real issues:

  1. The mirroring on the TV-Screen in the first picture is cropped. (Either the whole screen is not mirroring or is in total mirroring) in the seccond picture it’s complete on non mirror.

  2. same issue in another way on the marble inset-shelf right-hand of the tv. In 2nd picture it’s high-glossy and in 1st 0-glossy.

:slight_smile: Well but overall!! Super!

Really nice work Julio.
Had you modeled all objects yourself or used third party content too?

I am suprised about the less samples (800) at this end quality. I assume you have no structure (bumps) on the wall papers right?

Best wishes from germany!

This is impressive work and yet, while I hate to be critical, it seems too well lighted to my eye. Light seems to be going places that natural light might not reach. Probably if I took your picture and increased the contrast, I would like it better. But everything else, the lusterous reflections, the textures, all of it is amazing.

Wow! that really fine piece of work. Superb !

These look great!! I like the setup (800 samples!!) Ive incorporated them into my scenes and the look amazing, although i left out the clamp settings. Thanks for sharing this B\beautiful work!