Hello all,

I’m a newbie and would like some feedback on this apartment. Comments on lighting & texturing especially welcome, including how to improve it! :slight_smile:


And if anyone can tell me how to get the shadow under the table to be not so black (light should be shining through) I’d be grateful.


TraShad should be on for the table I guess… looks good… but uhm… the lights on the windows… it seems kinda off.

like. Really.

some buts:

-everything is soo clean and regular, specially the mat.

-perspective is somewhat ‘forced’. To get the same view but with a more ‘natural’ perspective, maybe you could retract the camera and adjust the lens higher.

Awesome. Thanks guys. I’m grateful for your comments - they help me a lot.

@BleedForMe: I’ve switched TraShad but get the same results. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’ll take a look tomorrow. I’ll also change those lights…

@nf3: I’ll incorporate your suggestions. Hadn’t thought about the perspective…

Thanks again for your feedback. :slight_smile:

nah, my bad… trashad on the floor material, not the table itself… just… trashad on with … whatever the shadow falls on

wow!u cant be a newbie,:eek: if u are,ur really good.How long have u been using blender,have used 3d progarams before?

Thanks track wrecka! I haven’t used 3d programs before, only SketchUp, which I modelled this in before importing into Blender. I’ve been learning Blender over the last 6 months or so - mainly getting used to the UI. :wink: But I think I’ll always regard myself as a newbie…

Why do newbies always give such comments?

I like the whole and have and any remark I could have has already been given.
It’s even given me some inspiration :slight_smile:
Keep it up!

I wouldn’t know, some people just practice harder than other, some call themselves a n00b for a longer time than others. Instead of giving such comments, you could spend that time practicing. Why? Since the actual term sounds lame in english: Al sla je me dood, geen idee.(for the non dutch/belgian that is: even if you’d beat me to death, I wouldn’t know… lame huh?)

Overall… good work, waiting to see it finished:)

No problem,keep up the good work.You shouldnt regard yourself as a newbie.With the skills your developing in no time you should call yourself pro.