this is the bedroom of my new apartment, wallpaper looks like crap, dont know why. any help and criticism is welcome. i need tips to add realism to the picture, I seem to be very un-awesome at creating realistic materials.


Set walls to smooth and make the left wall textured or white, remove spec on things that look like plastic. Use more textures.
I’ll send you a blend with a procedural metal texture
Also, in map to of the texture tab change the scale X of the wallpaper
Use soft shadows


metal_procedural.blend (51 KB)

how do i make the smooth shadows?

I just use Ambient Occlusion to soften shadows.
It seems to add realism to pretty much everything anyway.
(Although sometimes I need to add a dim backlight to show textures that are partially in shadow.)

Also, in the blend B3D sent you, note the way he’s blending textures together to get the metal. Looks like that technique will be useful on every material you have.

Here’s a wood texture I’m particularly fond of. Note the use of clouds to add turbulence to the grain.


Sendwood.blend (126 KB)

Go to the materials pane for the lamp and ratchet up the samples number, and maybe the smooth size.

well, this is turning out to be the first ever serious blenderproject for me, so ill do this 1 step at a time. the linoleum flooring looked horrible, im trying sss which i stumbled across, looks good but it blurs out dark spots, i don’t know they are shadows or some other ugliness.
tips anyone?
the woodtexture you sent looks awesome, but this is planning the new apartment(the only way i could get girlfriend interested in blender, thus not complaining when i use it) and the table im buying is oak, the old texture looks like oak, but very unrealistic, also tips anyone?

btw that is not the wallpaper we are going to use, its ugly


Take pictures of you apartment for texture and ideas to add little things also really go well in the end like window stills and cursive angles for the camera laying th camera as if you were just waking?