Taking a shot at architecture. Done in Cycles. The scene took the entire weekend to render. Enjoy!


It’s quite nice, but you should do some postproduction and color correction, because a big part is blown out. I’m missing some tiny details, this looks kind of empty in this state. The render time is a bit scarry too. Imagine making an animation with this :slight_smile: Either you should cheat somehow or choose a different renderer - yafaray probably could do this in like 2-3 hours.

Looks surreal, an excellent job!

I feel your render times pain… I created a fly-thru of a building for a client. 5 rooms with furniture and such, < 30 seconds of finished animation. Over 80 hours to render. The results can be seen in my signature.

thanks for the advice! This was just a quick project for fun on my spare time. The other 4 times i render the full scene I got a lot of noise which i think was because of the glass material on the windows. Thanks for the input!

Thank you! I’m Glad you enjoy my work!

Your building fly through looks great! definitely a lot of time put into the project. Nice work!

I love this fresssh impact of light to the room really cool effect and sometimes it is hard to get it.

Thanks! Cycles makes it really easy.

If you get noise from glass in the windows you can either use the glass combined with transparent (see the wiki article on reducing noise) or render it as a separate pass just for reflections and add it in the comp later.

thanks for the advice i will probably try another render in a while!

Great! I like it the way it is