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Hi, here is one of my free time artwork recently, hope you will like it.
critiques and comment are welcome.

Softwares: Blender, Cycles Render, Photshop

Portfólio: https://www.behance.net/gallery/30849889/Apartment


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Very clean renderings for cycles
1-render time?
2-samples count?
3-render on gpu?
4-is there a lot of post processing in PS?

(maraCZ) #6

Good job! I like the fine details in your rendering!

(paulina) #7

Great work :slight_smile: Very clean indeed. Would you mind sharing your light setup?

(kless) #8

Wow this is super awesome how did you get the lighting to be so bright did you use the AO setting in the world tab.

(Quizzes) #9

Very cool! you earn on interior visualization?

(Nemedia) #10

Wow!! It’s almost V-ray or Corona quality.
Could You show raw render - before postpro?

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Thank you for your comment

Render time 00:17 minutes
Samples 2300
A small color correction in PS

Thank you for your comment


I’m using AO, it helps to have a more enlightened environment
you can see the configuration in the image

(Joan Savalli) #12

that’s perfect bravo ! can you post a wire shot of your scene ? are you using light portal or area light ?

(kala_ndo) #13

perfetto! good job man!
I’d like to know about your chrome and curtain material setup. And maybe a screenshot of the 3d viewport would help to know how you place lights(emit meshes), sun etc. Did you use portals?

(andrewprice) #14

Wow these look amazingly realistic! I was surprised to see it was Cycles actually, since it has an oddly realistic quality to it - usually only found in LuxRender or Vray.

Did you do anything special in Post?

(sanask) #15

well done!

amazing render time and the setup ao!!
is posible to see you raw render?

great work!

(julioras) #16

I’m not using light portal, with a low setting I did not have noise. The main light is HDRI and Ambient occlusion

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Thank you Andrew,
I have no secrets from post, you can see the raw image.

(Joan Savalli) #18

thanks for you helpful information ! i have so many question to ask you ( strenght of light , glasses windows or not etc …)
thanks a lot , your probably the best in interior rendering with cycle !

(camara) #19

This is really beautifully made arch-viz!

(julperado) #20

Wow this is impressive! Specially seeing that you just used 1 bounce for max and min… I’ll definitely take a closer look at your settings because the results are incredible.

Thank’s for sharing :slight_smile: