Hi, here is one of my free time artwork recently, hope you will like it.
critiques and comment are welcome.

Softwares: Blender, Cycles Render, Photshop

Portfólio: https://www.behance.net/gallery/30849889/Apartment




Very clean renderings for cycles
1-render time?
2-samples count?
3-render on gpu?
4-is there a lot of post processing in PS?

Good job! I like the fine details in your rendering!

Great work :slight_smile: Very clean indeed. Would you mind sharing your light setup?

Wow this is super awesome how did you get the lighting to be so bright did you use the AO setting in the world tab.

Very cool! you earn on interior visualization?

Wow!! It’s almost V-ray or Corona quality.
Could You show raw render - before postpro?

Thank you for your comment

Render time 00:17 minutes
Samples 2300
A small color correction in PS

Thank you for your comment


I’m using AO, it helps to have a more enlightened environment
you can see the configuration in the image

that’s perfect bravo ! can you post a wire shot of your scene ? are you using light portal or area light ?

perfetto! good job man!
I’d like to know about your chrome and curtain material setup. And maybe a screenshot of the 3d viewport would help to know how you place lights(emit meshes), sun etc. Did you use portals?

Wow these look amazingly realistic! I was surprised to see it was Cycles actually, since it has an oddly realistic quality to it - usually only found in LuxRender or Vray.

Did you do anything special in Post?

well done!

amazing render time and the setup ao!!
is posible to see you raw render?

great work!

I’m not using light portal, with a low setting I did not have noise. The main light is HDRI and Ambient occlusion

Thank you Andrew,
I have no secrets from post, you can see the raw image.

thanks for you helpful information ! i have so many question to ask you ( strenght of light , glasses windows or not etc …)
thanks a lot , your probably the best in interior rendering with cycle !

This is really beautifully made arch-viz!

Wow this is impressive! Specially seeing that you just used 1 bounce for max and min… I’ll definitely take a closer look at your settings because the results are incredible.

Thank’s for sharing :slight_smile: