Hello everyone! I want to share my latest 3D design developed for my portfolio.

High definition: https://www.behance.net/gallery/34236331/Apartment

Blender 2.73
Cycles Render
Samples: 2000
Render time: 35 minutes

Portfólio http://juliocezarpires.tumblr.com


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Great Julioras! Lembro de você do fórum Blender Brasil! Just perfect.

Both the CG and design are very nice!

Thanks guys, this is the setting :eyebrowlift:

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its really wonderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfull
please say about lighting in your project
i am architect i use blender but i cant get rendering like this
please help me where is your light in scene and which kind of light
thanks julioras

So…these are pretty fantastic. Your fabrics are amazing. And great lighting. Well done.

Great style, I like the mood in these pictures. I think the only thing which can be improved: some pics are still a bit grainy. For my interior scenes I use pretty different clamp values. Normally I go with: 2 (Clamp Direct) and 10 (Clamp Indirect). With these settings, I get noise free pictures at about 1500 samples…

very nice as usual julio ! great sttyle great mood great render

@maysamfafa97 I use only lighting HDRI + Ambient Occlusion, you can see in the above image.

@forby thank you.

@Jero3D Thanks for your comment, I will try it.

@victorphellipe Sim eu publicava alguns trabalhos lá no Blender Brasil. Abraço :yes:

@Joan Savalli thank you.

@maraCZ thank you.

Hi, julioras, what PC config you have?

NIce work, but why u use realy low values for clamps (direct and indirect lights) ?

Reduce noise and get faster render.

Another great work!

Although your settings always looked weird to me…
…but who cares if the result is as great as this.

I salute you man! this is dope…Can’t wait to get this good.

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