Apartments (Indigo)

Huzzah! My first Indigo render.

I really like it. 4 stars.

The whole thing looks washed out, maybe turn down the lights, and let it render longer to reduce the noise.

Indigo can make good lighting with minimal effort due to it being unbiased, though I’m not a fan of the rendertimes.

I assume the far right is what the lighting level is supposed to be.

Yes, that was the intended level of lighting on the side. maybe turn the Lamp down to 0.7 from the 1 its at?

What lamp are you using, a point lamp or a sun lamp, even though I don’t use Indigo I’d imagine a sun lamp being the logical choice here.

Sun lamp at 1.0 I changed that to 0.7 and turned to the specularity on some the main exterior face to 0.7 as well. we’ll see how that turns out.

Edit: New version up. still a bit washed out : /. 8hr render to get rid of grain, metallics look a bit better, as well as glass.