Apartments project

Hi to all. Here is my new work. I’ll accept any criticism and opinions.

Cycles 500 samples

It’s not bad. But needs a little extra to be its best. Though I haven’t done this kind of render before so I can’t say what. I think some more work with the camera maybe, it looks a little too sharp. Maybe bevel the building some, cause nothing is that sharp. The plants can have a little more in their shaders, even though it wouldn’t add a lot, making good materials goes a long ways.

Ok, thanks you.

Looks great! Some small things I notice are the shadows on fence, almost looks like graffiti, the mismatch of green colors of the trees causes a distraction in the background for me, maybe place the tree on the right to left in the background to balance it and I would also add a vignette to help focus the subject

This kind of building is always a challenge.

The windows and the balconies are so symmetrical and boring that you need to do small things to break that up.
All as subtle as possible.
Open some of the glass doors, curtains and blinds in the windows, a child’s toy on a balcony.

Also more GI and less sun. It’s kind of flat.

Good start!

I agree about colors of trees. I’'l change this. My problem is weakly PC. I have no enough patience for waiting every time 3-5 minutes.

Yeah, you right, I must make little things for more realistic.